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« on: May 01, 2012, 08:06:20 am »
If your question is related to a system that is the same as the sister CB750 bikes, you may have better luck (and a quicker response) posting here:

The point is that the CB750A has many parts and systems that are the same as, or function the same as other SOHC bikes.  For example, jetting is jetting, tires are tires, brakes - nothing too unique about them (except for the parking brake/lock).  On the flip side, the CB750A has an idle solenoid unique to this model, and the clutches and tranmission - obviously different.
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1978 CB750A (upgrading very, very slowly)

Past bikes - Honda: SL350, CX650C, CB900C, CB1000C, CM450A; Kawasaki: several 1972 750 H2's; Suzuki: TC90J.

Bikes I want: CX650ED, a mid-sized japanese V-twin with ABS.