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Replacing throttle shaft bushings
« on: June 05, 2012, 08:15:45 pm »
I was rebuilding some CB750 carbs and i need to replace the throttle shaft bushings.
The originals were some kind of sintered bronze and had deteriorated.

Lots of corrosion potential A steel shaft in a bronze bushing inside of an aluminum casting.

So I replaced them with PTFE sleeve bushings,.
They can with withstand 547ยบ and need no lubrication and will not corrode.
I bought them in New York from Quality Bearings& Components
2101 Jerico Turnpike,New Hyde Park.
Sales 516-616-0043

They are PTFE Sleeve Bushings 10mm x13mm x 10mm wide.
It take s 2 for each side of the casting so you need 4 bushings.
There is a minimum order so it is best to order 8 and then you have enough for two sets of carbs.

They are about $5 something each.
P/N is BSPPLNM101310T

Just clean and sand the casting hole and tap them into place.
Support the casting on the edge of a table so you do not break casting.