Author Topic: Speedometer Tachometer Gauges Cushion Gasket  (Read 2150 times)

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Speedometer Tachometer Gauges Cushion Gasket
« on: March 05, 2013, 03:01:08 pm »
Here's a good idea for DIY speedometer and tachometer cushions: 

You can use a large O-ring like the one off of your old oil filter.  I used the O-rings from a couple old 500/550 oil filters for my 350K4.  They're perfect for the early style gauges.  You can also try vacuum cleaner belts.  I used a few of these on my 500K1.  Both keep the gauges secure and look pretty good as well. 

Later style gauges are a little larger, but I'm sure you could still make it work.  Here are some pics (the 1st is the 350 with oil filter o-rings, then the 500 with vacuum belts, and last is stock 550 just to show the difference in the gauges:

** 71 CB500, Starlight Gold **
** 74 CB550, Boss Maroon **
** 72 CB350 Twin, Gentle Maroon (sold) **
** 74 CB450 Twin, Sunflake Orange (sold) **
** 76 CB550, Garnett Brown (restoring) **
** 76 CJ360 Twin (waiting for me) **