Author Topic: G’day! I’m an Aussie in Canada with a 1979 CB650! Cafe Resto-Mod style build.  (Read 4681 times)

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Really nice finish on those. By the way, did you go with CR 26’s or 29’s? I have 26’s on mine. Pulls excellently. I’d also be very interested to see what hp/torque number you get if you bring it to a dyno. Our motors will be very similar but I have a 126-20 cam and ported stage 2.5 by Mreick.

Hi Dave I got the CR29’s. How does your bike feel to ride? I bet it’s a beauty.

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Ah cool, once you get it running I’d like to know how the 29’s feel. Mine feels great. Excellent power and smooth all through the rev range. I did have the carbs and ignition tuned at a dyno though so it’s pretty dialed in.

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Hey Dan, what's your issues with the transmission bearings? The groove I see is factory cut. I replaced all of my transmission bearings, but that's not necessary if they seem ok... The small ones are cheap and easy to get though. The large output shaft one cops most of the force, especially if someone has over tightened the chain tension at any stage.

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