Author Topic: Aluminum Polishing made easy. I mean real easy  (Read 3135 times)

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Aluminum Polishing made easy. I mean real easy
« on: June 01, 2013, 06:54:26 pm »
I was offering polishing services. If this trick means I NEVER polish another part then I am happy. Truth is the polish and burned powder coat make me sick for weeks. Then I got my A$$ kicked on a job. I will let you know a secret I found the very very hard way. What is the secret you ask? Air Craft stripper. This eats the clear powder coat off the parts and leaves a bright aluminum finish that can be easily polished with Mothers polish in minutes. If you are just powder coating skip the polish and go right to cleaning with regular dish soap after stripping.

The air craft stripper is about $9 in spray can at Advance Auto Parts. This stuff is rather nasty, just watch it and give it a spray and smear with a paint brush when it stops attacking the clear powder coat. Rinse and repeat.
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