Author Topic: If you need pistons/rings for your CB500 or CB550...  (Read 6268 times)

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If you need pistons/rings for your CB500 or CB550...
« on: May 17, 2005, 11:43:24 am »
Check out the kits sold by www.classiccycleparts.com

They have a 555cc overbore kit for the CB500 which is a 3.0mm overbore for the 500.  It also works out to be a 0.50mm overbore for the CB550, which is what I'm using it on.  They also sell a 605cc big bore kit which comes with sleeves.  It would be a 2.5mm overbore on the 550, which I presume would be ok if you want an extra 50cc's.

Anyway - the reason I'm posting this is because I just received my 555cc kit today.  I had a look inside - small box with an MC label on it from Los Angeles.  Imported from Japan.  Nothing special about that.  Opening that, I found 8 white boxes - 4 pistons and 4 sets of rings.  Again, nothing special.

So, I naturally opened up a piston box and started looking at it.  Chundy had a peek too, and noticed 'ART' cast on the inside of the piston  ;D

These are ART pistons, which means they're good!  ART made/makes pistons for Honda.  So, in a nutshell, these are ART piston kits which include:

4 59mm pistons
4 sets of piston rings
4 wrist pins
8 clips
1 head gasket

The price for these kits is US$100 + shipping (for the 555cc kit).  They raised the price $20 the day I bought (after).  I actually paid $101 US all in, shipped to Canada.

This is obviously a great deal, considering Honda wants $30+ per ring set, $30 per piston, $10 per wrist pin etc...

So, if you need pistons, I would not hesitate to order the 555cc kit from these guys.  Can't speak to the 605cc kit, but I know someone out there has one - have a peek inside the piston to see if ART is cast on the wall.

I'm off to my mechanic for a bore and reassembly  ;D ;D
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Re: If you need pistons/rings for your CB500 or CB550...
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2005, 03:41:15 pm »
ok, ok, ok, tim...
nope mine dont have art, they do have "HANDST"  and a star with "sk" scribed inside, and "600cc" they are pretty none the less. i am sure someone could use them...

oh, and guys check out this:


nos cb500 pistions and rings looks like they are 1mm over. i happen to have it on good athority that he will take 50 bucks for them.