Author Topic: well this is a busy section....  (Read 3842 times)

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well this is a busy section....
« on: March 12, 2015, 10:01:40 am »

I guess we are all too far apart to set something up?
I recently restored and sold a 77 cb750f, am just starting work on a basket 75 cb750k and am ISO some parts.  This is a place to share, learn and enjoy.  I am grateful to and for 99+% of this site's membership.

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Re: well this is a busy section....
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2015, 11:45:38 am »
You are looking at the 2011 relay board. Planning for the 2015 relay can be found under the "SOHC/4 World Tour 2015" board:,177.0.html

Mooshie leaves California on Saturday! Saddle up!

I had hoped to re"cycle" these original boards as we moved forward, but was over ruled...


"P.O. Debacle":,126692.msg1441661.html#msg1441661
F2/F3 O-rings:
Cam Tower Studs:
Clean up that nasty harness:
Charging system diagnosis:
Get the manuals:
The Dragon:
Headlight Switch:
Branden's leak free top end thread:
Engine Lifting Made Easy:,58210.msg1684742.html#msg1684742
Static and Dynamic Timing:
Airbox Gasket Replacement:,114485.msg1290000.html#msg1290000
"Café" :,84697.msg953814.html#msg953814
PD Carb Choke Linkage:,100352.msg1669248.html#msg1669248
Follow up on your damn posts:,144305.msg1791605.html#msg1791605
Taiwanese Cam Chain Tensioners:,155043.msg1774841.html#msg1774841
Gumtwo Seat Cover:,164440.msg1897366.html#msg1897366
Primary Drive:,166063.msg1919278.html#msg1919278
Tank Latch:,165975.msg1919495.html#msg1919495
Shorten your forks: DO NOT CUT THE SPRINGS!
Clutch How To:
Late model K7/K8/F2/F3 front sprocket cover removal:,178428.msg2072279.html#msg2072279

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