Author Topic: After market turn signals/running lights: Two wire lights to 3 wire harness.  (Read 1411 times)

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This seems to be a common problem. There are lot's of cool looking aftermarket turn signals out there but most come in two wire, single element configurations. Honda uses the three wire, two element signals in the front. I looked for 3 wire aftermarket signals and was dissappointed at the selection and availability.

This mean you can hook up either the flasher or the running light.  For the rear it's no biggie. In most states just having rear signals is kosher. But in my state of washington the law says the fronts need to be running lights and turn signals. Most of us don't want to install 2 seperate sets of lights for each.  Fortunately most old hondas will shut off the running light while the signal are flashing.

You can try and hook up both the signal and running light wire to the one hot lead in a two wire cofiguration (ground goes to ground) but you will have all 4 running lights and turn signal indicators on all the time. Annoying at the least but probably not legal in most states either. Here is what to do to fix this problem. I did it last night and it works great.

Here is another forum link that explains it and a rough sketch. I bought the diodes from Radio Shack at $1.49/pair. You will need four total. I made short little harness with bullit connectors: Two male into one female and cut and soldered the diodes into this. I can remove it and install the OEM Honda signal lights if I ever want to again. Make sure the diodes are running the correct direction.
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