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So, I have this lightly  ;) modified cb836 turbo which I recently upgraded with an electronic ignition.

I thought about the different options which are:
1- Dyna S (mechanical advance)
2- Pamco (mechanical advance)
3- Dyna 2000 (programmable, rev limiter, vacuum referenced advance so awesome but quite expensive)
4- Cycle x (and other) optical ignition.

Basically you get a stone-age system OR you pay 500 euro's...

So, here's a small how-to on how to DIY for cheap with great result. You get an pointless electric advance ignition with, depending on the build year, rev limiter. (though this is pre-set by the bike you take it from.)

1 - Buy a decent 80ies/90ies OEM *COUCHkawasakiCOUCH  ;)* ignition system on ebay with IC Igniter and the plug with the wires.
2 - Download wiring diagram of the bike which it came from
3 - Remove your points assembly
4 - Disassemble the CB mechanic advance mechanism
5 - Turn down the main shaft of the CB mechanic advance mechanism
6 - Fit the new rotor over the modified shaft of the CB mechanic advance mechanism and line up the timing marks and at the right dept, so it lines up with the ignition pickups.
7 - Tack-weld it in place, it doesnt require a full welding...
8 - Mount the pickup base plate. The bottom 2 bolt positions will probably align, the top one requires some drilling into the baseplate as the hole needs to be 5mm to the side. The timing should already be perfectly fine on the F mark like this.  8)
9 - Connect the IC Igniter to the pickups (4 wires, standard plug). Connect the other wires...
-Red is power for both coils, connect it to the coils and (best option) 12V relay or other switched source
-Black wire & Green wire is most of the time signal wires to the coils.
-Black/Yellow = Ground, battery negative
-Black/White = Safety (pivot.. etc) Connect also to Ground, battery negative

10 - Start the bike and hear it purr nicely with your cheap, fully electrical ignition!  8)
Optional 11 - Check with timing lights if your ride fires at F and advances according to marks
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