Author Topic: Getting a Bike titled in Florida  (Read 1191 times)

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Getting a Bike titled in Florida
« on: November 19, 2015, 06:29:15 pm »
I purchased my CB550 earlier this year after a lot of searching.  The project I settled on was a few hours drive.  When I arrived the owner said he didn't have a title, despite him telling me proper that he had.  I read a number of threads on the experiences of others but none were in Florida.  I've read about the wacky Vermont work-around and other methods.

The process is Florida is VERY easy and the longest part of the process was getting an appointment at the DMV.  All you have to do is obtain whats called a bonded title.  The DMV can provide the documents you need but the process is very easy.

First, I obtained a bond from a local bond company that was very familiar with the process.  Cost was $100 and the bond company filled out a quick form from the DMV.  You then need to complete the VIN verification form with a notary that will verify the VIN matches your application, or you can bring it to the DMV for them to verify.  I had a mobile notary come to the house and complete the form and was super easy.  No need to verify the odometer.  The total cost from the DMV was about $125.  It took a total of two trips to the DMV, one to grab the forms and another to drop them off.

While the local DMV folks never dealt with the issue, they were real easy to deal with and ultimately didn't give me any trouble.  If anyone else needs help on obtaining a Florida title, its really easy and I'll gladly answer any questions.