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Neutral switch rebuild
« on: November 14, 2006, 04:10:47 pm »
The leaking neutral switch is a forever headache.
I have found out that the problem is either one of two things.

A/  the "O" Ring has given up and needs to be replaced (Honda Pt# 91307-035-000)
Throw it in the freeezer for a while then place it on the switch then lube it with engine oil or vaseline then try carefully to reposition it back in the CLEAN recess.
put the retention clamp back on and tighten allow it to bed in whilst idling. OR

B/  take the switch body then remove the internal  by unscrewing the outside cover which has four holes. A good pair of needle nose pliers is good. The retained also has the threaded section for the neutral selection wire.There is a odd section O ring inside.
Clean thouroughly and re assemble and tighten up and test then unwind the screw section again and give the threads a coating of loctite sealant or thread lock.Tighten again carefully.
Replace the "O" ring and replace  it back into the casing carefull as the hole in the casing can have a burr on it.This will stuff all your good work.
Dave Australia.