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Entering Bike Show. Need help choosing Class
« on: November 15, 2017, 10:18:39 am »
Hello fellow SOHC/4 Owners. I've been trolling around these forums for a few years now and have been helped exponentially on many topics. Thank You!
I have a 77 CB550 that's been turned into a café/brat. I'm putting it in a Car & Bike show in OKC this weekend and can't figure out which class to enter. This is my 1st show, so I'm pretty clueless, but want to atleast experience the process and see what kind of interest my bike draws.

Anyway, there's 4 classes that would even apply (the rest are V-Twins/European/Chopper stuff):
1) Garage Build - I think this is probably the best candidate, but I refuse to take 100% credit for this build. So I'm skeptical.
2) Vintage - This bike is far from stock, So I'm not sure this class would apply
3) Rat - Again, not sure if this applies
4) Metric Sport Bikes - I'd be competing against crotch rockets, so probably not a good choice - But the 70's UJM's are the original sport bikes, right?

Could any of you that have done this chime?