Author Topic: CB750A transmission - HELP do you have one stripped down to check something?  (Read 271 times)

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1976 Hondamatic with transmission damage. I think the cause may be a seized sprag clutch in the gear assembly (in the transmission) that drives the turbine in the torque converter and is driven by the kick start. The assembly has a large and a small gear and a large bearing and is on the mainshaft. I can only guess that the mechanism (three springs and three rollers) I can see, but can't get apart, is a sprag clutch that would allow the kick start gears to turn the motor but not drive the kick start gears in the other direction. Please does anyone have one of these units in pieces and could check the function of this part. I don't want to buy a replacement to find it is the same as mine (both gears seem locked together). HEELLLLPPP!!!
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