Author Topic: 1973 Cb500 poor boy chop  (Read 3809 times)

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Re: 1973 Cb500 poor boy chop
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I ordered a set of those with Hagon eye to eye shocks and Dime City sent me a set of Hagon eye to clevis shocks and the mounts. I bolted on the shocks and sent the mounts back. They did not have the eye to clevis shocks listed and it is an easy swap if you have a welder but not having to do it is better.
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Re: 1973 Cb500 poor boy chop
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Had to drive a few hours away the other day for a certification test for a new job. On the way back I stopped at a store that I didn't want him to stop at that isn't local to me and picked up a orbital sander while walking around in there tool department. Today I finally got the chance to go outside and do some work again and finish sanding and smoothing the tank for the poor boy chop.
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