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Vote for Bike of the Year 2018
« on: November 02, 2018, 09:04:39 am »
From Superchargers to Racers to Race Replicas for the Street to Restorations to Restomods -- this year's bikes offered something for everyone.   Now vote for your favorite to take the title of Bike of the Year 2018:,174794.0.html

January 2018 BOTM
Harald F's Supercharged and EFI CB550K,164491.0.html

Jan 18 Harald CB550K by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr

February 2018 BOTM
ziokahn's (aka Ivor’s) CB500 Racer for the Road,138367.0.html

March 2018 BOTM
Mirko Messner's (aka MessnerMoto) CB750F2 Café Racer,149894.0.html

bikeE1 by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr

April 2018 BOTM
MauiK3's 1973 CB750K3,163354.0.html

IMG_1038 by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr

May 2018 BOTM
Hasenkopf’s Supercharged CB550,152536.0.html

IMG_2354 by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr

Vincent's CR750 for the Street,98177.0.html

July 2018 BOTM
slikwilli420 AHRMA Sportsman 750 Racer,158461.0.html

August 2018 BOTM
HondaAddict's 1975 550K Restoration,152139.0.html

September 2018 BOTM
Beemerbum’s 1971 CB750K1 Barn Find Basketcase Restoration,173467.0.html

DSCF6908 (2) by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr

October 2018 BOTM
Old Scrambler's CBR - Classic Bonneville Racer

November 2018 BOTM
Camrector’s 1976 CB550/1979 650 Daily,163736.0.html

44171245_10217130160390673_6016583590614138880_o by Donald Leonhardt, on Flickr
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1975 CB550K1 "Blue" Stockish Restomod (
1975 CB550F1 frame/CB650 engine hybrid "The Hot Mess" (,150220.0.html)
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Re: Vote for Bike of the Year 2018
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 02:20:46 pm »
Now this is going to be a tough decision!

And thanks to Don for doing a great job keeping this thread running...
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