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Battery + Charger question
« on: April 30, 2020, 11:18:13 am »
Hey everyone,

So have you ever bought a bike, convinced you were gonna make a big project out of it, and then.....nothing for years?  ;D

Well thanks to the COVID pandemic I've got a lot of time on my hands, and I finally took the rebuilt CB550 engine off the engine stand, put it back in the frame, and started putting the bike back together.  Instead of the brilliant custom job I had in mind years ago, I'm attempting to rebuild the majority of the bike with stock parts, albeit a repainted frame, gas tank, and a hoop welded onto the back.  All in all, it's not going too bad!

oh did I mention I cut up most of the old wiring harness? lol, good thing my job is literally designing wiring harnesses for cars.  I've been building one from scratch and I'm almost finished but I have an issue.

I picked up one of the Shorai small, light weight batteries LiFePO4 I think? Maybe it's just LiFe, not sure.  Either way it's one of them fancy ones that requires some consideration. I grabbed the correct reg/rec from Rick's to not blow it up so I'm good on that front.  But I realized starting & tuning the bike is going to take some effort and may involve turning the starter over many times before the bike is really running well. So naturally I figured I'll probably have to put the battery on a charger at some point.  I'm aware that these batteries need a special charger so they don't get ruined, but I did not buy the Shorai specific charger.  I have an Alien Motion battery in my race bike, as well as the charger to go with it that includes the third connector (6 pin I think?).  I looks like the third connection on the Shorai is the same.

Is anyone aware if the Alien Motion charger will work just fine on the Shorai? I don't see why not, same connections and all.  I emailed both companies but so far no answer.  I figured I'd check on here and see if anyone knows the answer.  No luck searching the forum.

Thanks for the help!

 - Mike

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Re: Battery + Charger question
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2020, 06:41:50 pm »
I have no idea if the Alien charger is comparable with the Shorai port? You can use a standard charger, preferably with a 2 amp setting, but not in an automatic mode, and definitely not with an "anti-sulfation" mode. You will have to monitor the voltage manually, and shut the charger off when the battery reaches 14.4V. In much the same way the voltage suddenly drops when discharged, the voltage will suddenly jump when it is replenished, when using a "dumb" charger. 
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