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Honda CB 650 Ignition System
« on: June 28, 2020, 07:47:11 pm »
Good Evening Everyone,

So I have a newly rebuilt Honda CB 650 1979, engine was rebuilt, wiring all brand new with m.unit setup, and I've been having issues ever since I got it. Engine will not turn over, I was getting an ignition overload warning for a long time, after much troubleshooting I decided to replace the ignition coils as they seemed to be the cause of the overheating. it seems as though that problem fixed the overheating, but I'm still not getting any engine turnover. I'm having a hard time with the ignition timing, I have one of those lights that has a positive and a negative, I've watched a bunch of videos on how to do it properly but my light has a positive and negative gator clamp and so I'm not sure where to put the positive. Furthermore, I'm not sure I wired the ignition coils properly. I'm getting good spark from my spark plugs, all other electrical accessories are working well, fuel seems to be flowing good. I understand I may have done some things wrong in this process, as I'm still very much learning, but I have tried a lot of troubleshooting stuff in forums and videos on YouTube, and read through the manual pretty decently, with no luck. I should note that the battery is in good working condition and holds voltage well.

Any guess or suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance.

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Re: Honda CB 650 Ignition System
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2020, 07:36:45 pm »
What is an "ignition overload warning"?
If your timing light is the inductive type, you clamp the "clothespin" over the #1 (or 2) spark plug wire, connect the negative clamp to ground, and the positive clamp to battery plus. BTW, the 650 pick-up coils are polarity sensitive; one of the yellow and blue wires has a colored band at the connector end, which matched a similar band on the stock frame harness wire. If reversed, it will throw the timing way off. 
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