Author Topic: Purging SOHC4 "stuff"  (Read 173 times)

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Purging SOHC4 "stuff"
« on: December 20, 2020, 12:28:16 pm »
I worked as a Honda mechanic in the mid to late 70's and have acquired bits and pieces since. I have to surrender my shop space to my son who bought my property.

I have two or three CB750 engines and probably two CB500's. Then there are cranks/rods, cylinders, heads, engine covers. There is a small stash of NOS engine parts as well. Used wheels and forks, handlebar switches, etc. There are good used CB500 tanks, one 650 tank & seat. There are CB750 sidecovers, some new.

I have a CB550 that I'll sell. It is not stock, but built with better rider comfort in mind. Take a look at some pictures at the October 2007 BOTM nomination and winner. The engine is dialed in and 592cc. It's a great motorcycle and has maybe 1000 miles on it.

I'll sell the bike separately from the parts if need be, but I would like to sell everything else in a lot if possible. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I know the parts are certainly not priceless! I'm an hour southwest of Montreal, and six hours from Toronto. If anyone is interested, email bwaller750@yahoodotca

Thanks, Brent