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MotoGadget Chronoclassic Speedometer - speed sensor
« on: November 09, 2020, 03:19:49 pm »

Recently finished my build with a complete motogadget m.unit blue and chronoclassic speedo set up.

I'm using the motgagdet heavy duty speedometer reed sensor and the motogadget magnetic bolt in place of one of my front rotor bolts. I have the sensor set up so it is less than 4mm from the magnetic bolt. so while moving, 5 steel bolts then the magnetic bolt are passing by the sensor.

My issue is that the mph speed on my gauge does not want to go past 25 mph, meaning the needle doesn't move past the 25 mph mark. I'm definitely going faster than that.
I read through the manual and it's my understanding, that if you're using a motogadget speed sensor and magnet, you should not have to alter any settings.

Is there something I'm missing? Would I have to enter in wheel size correctly in the chronoclassic, could that be the issue?