Author Topic: Someone tried to hotwire my bike, assist with connections please. 77' CB550  (Read 160 times)

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Hi all,

As the title says, someone cut the ignition cables at the base of the connector.  It's running stock wiring harness.  I'm unsure of the position of the cables once I strip, crimp new blade connectors on. 

I'm planning on relocating the ignition but I'm getting ACL reconstructive surgery on the 30th, and this is a quick solution so I can get her in storage. Can someone some please? 

Per online:
2 brown = main switch tail light
brown/white stripe = Instrument panel backlighting
red = hot direct from battery
black = switch power supply bus

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  • Well, I thought it was stock...
I don't have a bike to reference, but ebay images (for what they are worth) for a 75-77 CB550 harness indicate, using your image numbers:

1- Brown
2- Brown/White
3- Black
4- Red
5- Brown
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awesome, that looks about right!  fix my bike then i can fix my knee.  have a wonderful holiday!

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top left and bottom right get the bike started. Your story makes me want to convert over to an M lock.
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