Author Topic: Fastest you've ridden your bike. MPH and RPM. Year and model of bike.  (Read 72530 times)

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Got a 2001 CBR600F May 2015. I just had to test it. 160mph on the digital clock and steady as a rock. I'll restrain myself and not go faster than 150 in future.  ;D
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My brother and i were going down i 20 leaving barber vintage fest headed back to our camp site a few years back and we decided to air the bikes out one time. I dont run a speedo or tach on my turbo 750 sohc but according to him we were going 130mph, he had a kaw zx12 at the time. i got his zx12 up to 160mph the one and only time i ever rode it.........yea that was it for me on that thing stupid fast, there was most defanitly some small signs of butt gravy after that one