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Clutch FAQ
« on: April 08, 2005, 01:36:26 am »
Aargh, how do I stop my bike “clunk”ing into gear in the morning
- Before morning starting, push the bike a couple of metres while in 1st in order to unstick the plates.
- Inch the bike forward during the mornings first neutral to first change in order to slip the gear in.
Apparently SOHC clutches can be fickle and stick, especially when hot. Add to this the penchance for rough idling (need for high idle speeds) and gearchanges (especially the early morning neutral-to-first klunk can be kind of alarming) are not for the faint hearted.

My clutch slips – what to do?
Never never never use an oil additive. Change your oil very often. Once the clutch is hot and starts sticking (changes sort of become a bit jerky, as if the clutch is releasing suddenly, rather than progressively) try to coast down a hill with the clutch pulled - this sometimes helps

My clutch/engine rattles – what can I do?
Try to sync your carbs...unsynced carbs will make your clutch sound like a bucket full of stones at idle, because the pistons are fighting each other. Clutch rattle is very common on a lot of bikes. It's really nothing to worry about. All bikes do it to some extent. CB750 are notorious because of chain driven primary and inline 4.

My camchain rattles – how do I adjust it?
Follow the procedure in one of the downloadable manuals from try Bryan Jones´ suggestion:
Honda quote various methods for adjusting the camchain on the motorcycle range but over many years working for a main Honda dealer the following method proved to work reliably on all motorcycles as long as the tensioner mechanism was free to move and the chain had not reached the end of its useful life. Find a method of turning the crankshaft either by kickstart or by a spanner on either end-this may involve removing an outer cover. Put weight on kickstart or spanner so that crankshaft is just about to turn in normal direction i.e. the "front" run of the camchain is tight. Loosen the tensioner lock nut and bolt and then with tension held on kickstart or spanner do up the bolt and locknut. This has always worked for me but sometimes has to be repeated two or three times if the chain has not been adjusted for some time.

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