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1975 CB750F Super Sport - CR Inspired Cafe
« on: August 31, 2020, 09:13:08 pm »
Hi all,

Spent the last couple months reading through various build threads, and have learned so much through everyone's input on many different builds. I'm new to bikes, somewhat new to building, and eager for input on my project.

I recently purchased this 1975 CB750F Super Sport, and am on my way to slowly piecing together a go-fast CR750 inspired build. I bought it off a guy in Massachusetts who was the original owner. He purchased it in '75 and toured the countryside with it. Even shipped it out to CA in the 80's and toured up Pacific Coast Highway. It's been sitting covered in his garage since '92, and was ready for a new home.

So far, I've gotten the bike completely disassembled all the way down to the frame. Took me awhile but I was able to get the engine completely disassembled despite an insanely frozen piston in cylinder 1. Cylinder 1 was badly cracked and there was quite a lot of fin damage on the cylinder head due to the shipping company, so I opted to purchase a used block from Charlies Place in Burbank. The whole top end is currently at the machine shop getting bored and ready to go for the Wiseco 836 piston kit, along with getting a valve job. The cam is an old aftermarket Norris high lift cam (My first car was a 73' VW Bus so it's cool to have a little German influence in there). Going to keep that in there and see how it fairs, but may switch that out in the future. Running with the stock carbs at the moment that will need a full going through before I button the engine back up. If anyone has any tips or tricks to engine assembly, it would be much appreciated! I know someones going to say it, so YES I already bought Hondaman's book and have read it over several times.

The plan for now is getting everything assembled properly, and run things close to stock for awhile until I figure out what I do/don't like. This week is front fork rebuild week, so I'll keep this thread as updated as possible with the progress and photos.

Thanks for reading and talk soon!