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How to upgrade your CB750 electrical/ Charging system
« on: June 05, 2009, 05:22:16 pm »
I'm starting this thread so you guys can get a step by step to make sure you bike is up to snuff for long trips or for years to come!

1. Get some Electrical Contact Cleaner
2. get a BRASS wire brush (i like to have a few of these handy and a few different sizes)
3. Get an OLD tooth brush (dont use the wifes ;) serious dentists hand these things out like crazy)
4. Get some Batter post cleaner and Batter post protectant..
5. Evalutate ALL harness plugs on your bike... Goto: and look up connectors...
6. get at least: (2 6pin plugs (Male, Female Regulator/ Fuse box) (1 6pin Male Ignition switch) (3pin plug for regulator M/F) (8Pin plug for charging plug from motor M/F) (and i replaced my 4pin plug and 6 pin plug in the headlight just for safe measure M/F)
7. Replace your Rectifier with a Solid State Unit from TONY @ oregon motorcycle parts
8. Replace your Voltage Regulator with a Solid state unit from Tony @ oregon motorcycle parts
9. Clean your battery posts with cleaners and scrub them with brushes and spray protector on the termanals AND on the ground strap.
10. Clean your GROUND (big green lug @ the COIL) and scrub it with the cleaner (brass brush) and spray protectant on it!
11. Clean all "bullet" connectors replace old ones from TONY @ oregon motorcycle parts   his are VERY cheep and they look good he DOES NOT sell the special 2 bullett connectors you will have to clean those and take some pliers and re crimp them down so they FIT TITE!
12. I recomend replacing your fuse box with one of MY ATC FUSE BOXES but you can make your own there are lots of posts here that tell you how to do that... on your own... but you can buy mine if you dont feel comfortable making one yourself. the Stock fuses SUCK they are prone to Vibration and when they blow sometimes its hard to tell and like my stock one... for no reason sometimes they MELT DOWN... which is why i made my own...
13. Get out your Multimeter and check your charging system @ 5K rpm as per the Factory Manual... if its within spec you accomplished your goal! if its not in spec then you should OHM out your stator and Field COIL in the ALT.
14. Go back and check all your connectors.. and repack them with Dielectric grease and make sure they are clicked in!
15. Go To and get a Battery Tender Jr. Serious i've installed those on customers bikes and if used properly i've had motorcycle batteries last 6years without trouble infact this year a friend of mine JUST replaced his battery and it was on its 7th year and he replaced it just because! I tested it and it still tested good and started his bike just fine! But he just wanted peace of mind!
16. Spray the Batt protector on the Starter Siliniod Terminals..

if you have done all the above then you should have a really sweet charging system your next step should be to Lighten up the load on the charging system... i've done that to mine and have got the WHOLE BIKE running @ 7.5A the charging system on the CB750 is MAX 14A so going @ half of that is great.... much less work

all of the above steps should make sure that you have years of trouble free charging system issues I just took a long trip and i new that i wouldnt have any issues because all my connectors are in great shape and they are not just So-So most of the white plastic connectors on our bikes are over 30years old and the plastic is brittle or has been melted and some PO installed some blade connectors and used some elect tape to fix it :( that is never good... i've found that if you replace the connectors its pretty much  a sure thing to repair your harness it will help PREVENT future problems.

I know that you guys sometimes install or want to install a COMBINED UNIT for the REG/ REC.... My thoughts on this is.... If one fails then you will be paying almost $100 or more to replace them :( also you will be throwing away a perfectly good other unit.. now if you bike COMES with one of these thats ok but the CB750 didnt and so just like a VCR/DVD COMBO if the VCR part dies you have a worthless peice of equip and then all you have is a HUGE DVD BRICK :( see sometimes saving space is not all that its cracked up to be... now if they are seperate... then your in fat CITY because if it fails and you bought TONY's ( volt reg/ rectifier then they have a Lifetime warr... and you send it back and your back on your way!

BTW if you guys want some pictures of all this just let me know and i will post up some pictures for ilistration!

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Re: How to upgrade your CB750 electrical/ Charging system
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2011, 05:38:10 pm »
So I replaced my system with ricks reg reg combo. And it's still not charging correctly. But i'm not sure if i'm wired correctly.

Can we sticky a few links in this thread relating to:
Testing the charging system
Wiring and ground the charging system

I know they have to be out there, but I'm having a time trying to search it out.
I don't want to push it home a again. Boooo


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Re: How to upgrade your CB750 electrical/ Charging system
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2011, 04:45:43 pm »

Man - this forum just keeps saving my bike!

Here I am in Australia with a dodgy regulator, so I get on the forum and do a quick search and my problems are not only solved as to where to get parts, but some good advice on keeping the regulator seperate from the rectifier too.


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Re: How to upgrade your CB750 electrical/ Charging system
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2011, 05:00:20 pm »
will this work on m 82 650?

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Re: How to upgrade your CB750 electrical/ Charging system
« Reply #4 on: September 07, 2015, 04:17:56 pm »
Don't forget to upgrade the fuse block to a new atc block

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