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SOHC/4 Forum Rules
« on: July 31, 2009, 03:13:49 am »
SOHC/4 Forums Ground Rules

The SOHC/4 Forums were set up so that owners of Honda single overhead cam four cylinder motorcycles have a place to obtain answers to technical questions and share tips, tricks and general advice.  Over the years, the forums were expanded and reformatted to reflect the usage and wishes of the members.  In order to ensure the forum remains a welcome place, we've established a few simple rules.

1) What the moderators say goes.  The moderators of this forum were selected because they are level-headed individuals.  We reserve the right to apply these rules as we see fit.  Whilst we are open to discussion, please use Private Messaging (PM) for this. The actions of the moderators are final.

2) Post in the appropriate forum.  The tech forum is for technical topics.  The classifieds are for for-sale and wanted ads.  The feedback forum is where you can tell us what you like and what you don't like about the forums or the website.  The open forum is where you go to talk about anything else.  Taking the time to post in the right place saves us the time of moving your posts to the correct forum.

3) Please do not use offensive Avatars, if we deem them so, you will be asked to change them. If not changed appropriately, they will be deleted.

4) Overly Offensive posts will be deleted.  This means use of profanity, posting offensive images, or generally offensive content.

5) Posts that are inflammatory in nature will be deleted.  If you have a problem with the forums, contact the moderators; if you have a problem with a member, send them a PM.  If your reason for coming here is to provoke argument, you will be asked to leave.

6) If you post spam, you will be banned from the site.

7) If you are coming here to advertise your wares, do it in the classifieds only.  If you are a commercial concern and your advertising gets excessive, contact us about buying advertising space or expect that your ads will be removed and you will be asked to cease these activities.

8. Private Messages (PMs) are private between the two parties. If you paste one into a post it will be deleted and you will receive a warning.

9. No Politics.

It is our goal to make the Forums appealing to the broadest base of SOHC4 members.
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