Author Topic: What did you do to your bike today ?  (Read 1768310 times)

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Re: What did you do to your bike today ?
« Reply #29125 on: September 27, 2020, 10:25:22 pm »
Looks good Jerry, and sounded good, I was surprised at only 79 BHP though, I would have expected a lot more, but I'm sure that jetting change will help, it's easy to fall into the trap of "over-carbing" an engine. You should contact Dyna about a warranty claim on that ignition, they've always been really good with me, so I imagine they'll look after you, those 2000's aren't cheap. ;D

Me too Terry, until the operator mentioned that at sea level (not the test 6000) you could add about 15%.  That would make it 90hp, and he also suggested that with the jetting cleaned up maybe another 10hp.  Not convinced that it's making 100hp @ sea level but it was built with all the good parts.
Brian, I'm not sure why the operator said that, since the chart shows that the SAE correction factor was applied, which added 1.23% to the measured HP to account for the high altitude. Perhaps he was trying to make Jerry feel better?? In reality, the bike was making about 64 HP, which when multiplied by 1.23 equals about 79 HP, corrected for atmospheric conditions. The broken lines on some of the runs may be due to the ignition issues??
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