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Caliper bearing bolt
« on: January 12, 2010, 10:50:53 pm »
Hello CB drivers

eventually it was time well with my Four. My front brake squeak so loud when braking that I could really ride without a horn. For the control of the pivoting arm, I noticed a clear height of the game. The swivel arm was knocked out and replacement was expensive or not available anymore ...
Since I am a skilled toolmaker, I thought about different options for repair. Finally, I came to the idea (which is not new), to set buches in the pivot arms. After some research I found a supplier for the appropriate connectors. In the meantime, we had to make new "Schwenkarmbolzen" ( see picture ).
I built a device on which I can stretch the pivot arms. First, the hole is drilled to a larger degree, and then rubbed on the right mass. The sockets must be installed so that the slot is the connector side, so do not work in the direction of the brake, as the Bushes because otherwise, the forces generated during braking, wide, or can work into your aluminum! Here one presses the bushes about 2 mm a deep, not exactly flush, since even the O-rings continue to provide a seal. After pressing the slotted sintered metal bushing, is then the finished size, in which the new bearing bolt clean fit. Used nails should be checked for dimensional accuracy before reuse. Then they can retire with 1000 emery easy. When I use the jacks, are maintenance-free bushings, which only require an induction lubrication. That is, they are smeared in the assembly of the bolt with grease and that's enough. Another tip would be to minimize a possibly still present game, the old bolts nickel or chrome plating for. The Galvanic treatment course, only comes into question if it should be available after installation of the jacks still play!
The overhaul of the breakarm works without any problems and squeals when using the break are history...

Regards - Hardi

p.s. excuse my english ... hope you understand what i mean.