Author Topic: Easy Carb Removal on 1978 cb550k.  (Read 1992 times)

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Easy Carb Removal on 1978 cb550k.
« on: April 13, 2011, 10:48:34 pm »
Once you get the airbox rubbers off, you're still left with the chore of removing the carbs from the engine...

I did this with the tank still on.  (Not by choice, I left the keys at my house, 1hr from my garage)

1. I take off the metal hose clamps completely, not worth damaging them.

2. Disconnect the fuel line at the petcock.

3. After struggling for about ten minutes and making no progress, I decided it was time for the crowbar.  I scratched the engine just a little bit, which could have easily been avoided with a rag over the bar.  Either way, the scratch is so minimal it doesn't matter to me, and it's in a hard spot to see anyway.  Here's a couple shots of the angle I had the bar at:

The petcock is not being touched by the crowbar at all.

Here's the other side, the scratch I made.  No biggie, but those with painted engines might want to use a rag or some rubber.

And the point of contact on the carb that got a shiner:

Didn't take much force at all, there was plenty of leverage.

Hope this makes someone's life easier.  Re-install was tough too, but I had a buddy that helped me force em back in.