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Re: Michigan Rider List
« Reply #50 on: July 14, 2011, 04:06:14 pm »
Thanks Jerry (and others) I know you have other things to do,

I will start a post, maybe something like the "CB500 Green_Manalishi needs help".  To finish the Team update here and answer your questions, I'm new to the bike this summer.  The bike has performed very well on a 70 mile ride (40 + 30), but it was overcast and a cooler day.  Stock ignition, have gone through the gas tank vent cap/ petcock (drilled the cap before 70mi ride), currently doing the tune-up and clutch lifter rod replacement.   I've e-mailed some guys on the forum about their clutch lifter rod replacements but haven't heard back.  I'll put the busted rod back in and complete the tune-up and see where that takes me.  I hope the exhaust leak fix helps out. 

I think I just got a junk yard hit on the lifter rod in Cali.  Thanks again, and no more posts about my mechanical issues on this forum.  Only good news going forward...