Author Topic: How did your bike perform during the Rally?  (Read 9024 times)

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Re: How did your bike perform during the Rally?
« Reply #25 on: August 01, 2011, 06:00:47 pm »
My Bike did great. one stoplight it randomly shut off? on the way to pick up GZ my speedo conked out, but a battery corrected that issue
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Re: How did your bike perform during the Rally?
« Reply #26 on: August 01, 2011, 06:51:02 pm »
Michigan Day 1:

My 550 ran GREAT on the Kzoo-Detroit-Kzoo run (Michigan Day 1).  We did get into a downpour just outside Saline, MI that caused dampness in the points chamber and one set of points would cut out occasionally.  It prolly wouldn't have happened at all were it not for the Hondaman Module I have installed.  The module passes such little amperage thru the points, that it doesn't take much to block all current flow.  A quick drying with a slip of paper and I'm back to all 4 juggs!  The Hondaman module is still worth the $$ to not have to mess with burned up points.  But you do need to watch for anything that might block the wee bit of current passing thru the points faces.

Michigan Day 2:

On my GL1100 w/ sidecar now.  Sidecar loaded with camping gear & passenger.  Rig is pulling a bit to the right.  Hmmmm.  Continue on down the road and the pulling is getting worse (or maybe I'm just getting fatigued from trying to hold a straight line).  At one stop, I adjust the sidecar struts.  Better, but not for long.  At another stop, several riders assist with adjusting the sidecar toe-in by shortening the front heim joint.  Again better but not for long. 

Michigan Day 3:

I'm too beat up from wrestling with the sidecar all day yesterday, it wouldn't be wise or safe for me to continue on.  I send off the other riders to continue the planned route and I rest some more.  Come mid day, I pack up and head for home.  I get only 20 miles down the road.  I can't go further.  I pull into a gas station and start pulling things apart to find out what's REALLY going on.  Didn't take long to find it.  The rear heim joint had come loose.  The car wasn't in danger of separating, but it was causing the car to sag and thus change the car's tire to toe OUT thus making it pull hard to the right!  I spent the next 6 hours with a borrowed jack removing the car, rearranging the joints and struts and remounting the car.  Now she's riding straight!!  Take a few days to leisurely return to Kalamazoo.

So to answer the question, yes the bike(s) ran GREAT!  It was the operator/installer that caused me to miss a HUGE chunk of what I had planned to ride!

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Re: How did your bike perform during the Rally?
« Reply #27 on: August 03, 2011, 06:59:10 pm »
My 1975 CB550K ran just fine, except in the rain.  About a month ago, I installed a Dyna-S ignition, which corrected my goofy timing issue instantly.  It does, however, require a source of 12v power, which is tapped off at the line leading into the coil, a rather exposed spot under the tank.  I had not ridden in rain since installing the unit.  As soon as light rain caused a mist in the air, I'd lose power and eventually stall, or sputter on and off, depending on the amount of water kicked up by the front tire.  The engine resumed normal running as soon as the wiring dried out.  My fellow rider ZanVooden suggested simply wrapping the exposed connection with plastic from a grocery bag, which I did at our lunch stop.  We didn't encounter any more rain, but I bet that simple fix will work next time I'm caught out in wet weather.

This was the bike's first long day trip, and it handled 60mph cruising on state highways like a champ.  My best mileage was almost 55mpg, running ethanol-free 91 octane.
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Re: How did your bike perform during the Rally?
« Reply #28 on: August 04, 2011, 08:30:42 am »
While my bike does not run flawlessly, it ran just as well at the end of my run as it did before I started.  It has a carb issue that I didn't address before hand because I didn't want to chance missing being part of this Rally.  The only problems I had on the 2195 miles that I ran was all operator error.  I entered a turn on M119, called Devil's Elbow, wrong and new I was going down.  I elected to lay it down on the shoulder and grass instead of the pavement.  I got scrapped up a little and the Vetter fairing and saddlebags saved the bike from any serious damage, probably me too.  The fairing mount got tweaked a bit pushing the top of the fairing lower on the left side to dent my fuel tank and emblem a little.  Other than some minor scrapes on me and the Vetter stuff, everything still worked just fine.

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Re: How did your bike perform during the Rally?
« Reply #29 on: August 04, 2011, 09:40:29 am »
My 595 Relay miles were trouble-free for the completely stock 750K3 with about 70xxx miles. We did some freeway miles at 75+ and used a little oil like usual. We rode in the rain and wind without issue. We rode in 90+ degrees on city streets and endured.  I led 3 other riders through the Kettle Moraine Drive twisties without incident. Yes, the motor has a ticking sound but its not valve lash.........been there for more than 5,000 miles........but its runs smoothly and with good power. Its likely in need of a cam-chain and tensioner replacement..........someday.
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