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Re: Team Michigan Photo's
« Reply #25 on: June 21, 2018, 01:27:54 pm »
Hey where are those tower located? The ones in the album.
Those look really cool.  also the  big empty building look pretty
Sweet as well. All the other pics are cool too.
you live in Michigan and have not been to Detroit before? ...might want to check it out while it's still there...that tower, if I'm thinkin' of the same one, is located on US12 in the Irish Hills, right down the road from Michigan International Speedway

The big empty building (Michigan Central Station in Detroit) is now owned by Ford Motor Co. and will be renovated.

Open this weekend for visitors to check out the inside "before" renovations begin.  I may need to take a ride down there myself.  Wonder if I'll still be able to park on the lawn, and take a pic for posterity ?   
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