Author Topic: '76 CB750F Super Sport project build.  (Read 968 times)

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'76 CB750F Super Sport project build.
« on: May 17, 2013, 06:30:37 pm »
Purchased from a family member.

Cleaned the sprocket.

New chain.

Drive sprocket is good to go.

Cleaning the stock pipes.

Transmission gear selector cover gasket replaced.

Oil pan needed attention.

Primary driven chain looks good from here.

Pan ready to be mounted.

Getting the rear wheel ready for maintenance.

The rotor side rear bearing retainer proved difficult to remove. I brought it to of great falls, MT and they did a great job of removing it for me after I cut into it.

This bearing retainer is from the sprocket/drive side and I was able to fix the threads with a 1.00 mm thread file.

Tank prior to clean-up. Has a dent on rear left side as installed.

Sanded, primed and ready to paint.

50% complete.

Bits and pieces sand-colored camo paint.

New front wheel axle/bearing seal.

Finished product.

Tires front and rear are Dunlop K70's
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