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Project Shop / Re: Period sohc Pro Stock project .
« Last post by BPellerine on Today at 06:29:35 PM »
nice stuff greg ,wonder if they had any after market tachs etc for the racers back then?bill
id run it,do a couple of short oil changes,check compression then just ride it,check compression again some few thousand miles to see what its doing?i might put an engine in a crate and sell it as a crate motor?a milk crate,milking someone for money?
Other Bikes / Re: Yes....I got a Z1 and now an H1!
« Last post by Stev-o on Today at 06:19:38 PM »
Sneaked another by the other half did we?  :P

If need be I know of a 72 model without title I could pick up for a Franklin. Rough but parts none the less.

Nice find, what's next?

Yes, sneaked it in, took two bikes to the vintage bike show, came home with three (she was out shopping).
This bike is in such good shape and complete, no parts needed. I would like an extra bodywork set, but the '72 is different, but thanks. 
Not shopping for anything, need to unload a 750 to build my bike fund back up.  Unless the local guy with the project CB550 emails me back!
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: pod restrictors?
« Last post by dave500 on Today at 06:17:44 PM »
at least your working on getting the airbox parts.
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: pod restrictors?
« Last post by Don R on Today at 06:14:07 PM »
 Thanks for a good discussion. I'm almost shocked at the complexity and mass of the filter system on a 400F. Maybe It just takes jets and a dyno OR maybe repop stock velocity stacks and air box with a K&N on the inlet? In the 70's I modified these things like everyone did, recently I'm unmodifying them but this red 400F is begging to be a custom.

 On my race car's intake the idea is to avoid the velocity stack in favor of a wider rounded air entry to the carb and a filter to smooth out flow. The velocity stacks ram effect causes turbulence at the air bleeds and inconsistent fuel mixing. Of course there is a K&N scoop up in the relatively clean air grabbing 180 mph air.
Anything done to the crank?
Not very deep in the hole ....K. ;D Bill gotta check, Bill
I'm looking for some fork tube that are in good shape. Can you get me any closer shots of the upper tubes, especially behind the fork ears?
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