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Project Shop / Re: CB 500 Four (1972?) Full Restoration
« Last post by MickB on Today at 10:16:06 PM »
Just bought SS 3mm screws to replace the rubbish screws on the choke flaps and the throttle valves.

Open Forum / Re: Cleaning rags.
« Last post by mark on Today at 09:54:43 PM »
I did a mountain of laundry and came up with a bunch of socks and tees and sweatshirts and long undies that got retired and cut up. Nasty gobs of gunk can get wiped up with those and tossed out.

Then there's a whole 'nother mountain of 'shop towels' washcloths and other small towels that go to the laundromat from time to time. Kinda hope nobody does a load of whites in them four washers anytime soon.

Just an observation but what an awful thing to do to some poor mother of four who is struggling to get by without her own cloths washing equipment and you expose her to possible damage to her children's clothing for rags to clean your toy.

That's right, this is America 2015, we are free to be as awful to each other as we please, my mistake.   

Now now there. Don't get your panties in a wad. They charge an extra buck for that. Go back and read the part where the rude stuff goes in the trash. Directly. Laundrymat gets stuff that mostly wouldn't offend the Mrs. too much.

The management had a big ol' list of rules and regulations posted and "Don't wash shop towels!" ain't one of 'em. "Don't wash horse blankets!" is, however, a major concern - big signs everywhere.

Group 3

Those rags that have been in group 2 a few times and are contaminated with oil and to the point that they cause me marital issues if I run them in the washing machine.  I use them under motors when I change the oil, when I remove covers etc.  I have found that if I keep them in a open weave basket they dry out and can be used for this process many times before I have to dispose of them.

Ever heard of spontaneous combustion? Oily rags belong in a covered metal container.

Hoo boy we're talkin' fancy now.

There's a cute little 8 gallon-ish sized one that's perfect - with no pesky warning labels and such.

SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: look what I found
« Last post by fmctm1sw on Today at 09:44:26 PM »
I never understood how ppl can leave muscle cars, motorcycles, or anything else they have to sit and rot, then when someone shows interest, its worth gold, even though it has sat so long the ground has eaten the car and the floorboards are Flintstoned out.

I have never understood that mentality, the earth has reclaimed Millions worth of cars and bikes, yet "I will get to it one day" never comes.

There's a guy down the road with a yard full of 1950's cars rusting away to nothing.  Can't buy anything off him though...
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: Hi everyone its Trevor ware!
« Last post by fmctm1sw on Today at 09:42:50 PM »
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: Hi everyone its Trevor ware!
« Last post by Mcwilliams570 on Today at 08:54:31 PM »
Welcome back Trevor. Good to see you post again.:)
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: Kickstarter Isuue
« Last post by Lazerviking on Today at 08:49:40 PM »
Don't really have a tip... But when I was installing this I had a duh monent and it became clear how easy it is to install. Just a simple flat head and pushing the caseing the spring is on it took about 30 min of being like how the hell does this work. then once you get it it's a 5 sec job. If you've got hondamans book read it! If not look on google images and just keep looking at it. It's really simple.

Thanks for the tip theslayedsaint
Nice!!!!!! Looks great!  But then again, I'm partial to blue (and orange).

Thanks Blackfin. Congrats on finishing the build up btw. BOTM IMO.
...guess I have more in common with old Adolf than I thought...

Was good until he started pluging himself at the end.
The price of the calendar is $25 of which $4.81 goes to the Forum. The rest goes to Lulu.com. I do this only for the Forum and not for profit for myself. Last year we sold ~66 calendars lets see if we can beat that! Due to the late start by me they will run from Feb 2015 to Jan 2016 (a full 12 months). Calendars are in Premium full glossy size - you get your moneys worth. All contributions are from SOHC members without whom we wouldnt have these 2 calendars so thank you very much for all the excellent submissions. Very much appreciated.

To order please follow one of these links and PREVIEW the calendar before you buy. Lulu.com ships internationally. If you like both then get 2! (Sorry but I dont have the time for individual requests or mixing up the 2 calendars.)

Thanks for all the support for the FORUM!!

Calendar #1


Calendar #2

COMING THURSDAY EVENING 1/29/15 -sorry I ran out of time Wed night

Thanks for your patience
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: cb500 not charging and I ran out of beer.
« Last post by 750cafe on Today at 08:36:42 PM »
Electrolytes in beer?   ???

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