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Project Shop / Re: Sandcast #97 restoration
« Last post by oasis on Today at 11:41:25 AM »
beautiful work!!
Project Shop / Re: CB 500 Four (1972?) Full Restoration
« Last post by oasis on Today at 11:32:56 AM »
Looks awesome, love the way the wheels turned out!

SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: cb350 four cam chain question
« Last post by Dos on Today at 11:29:25 AM »
Jeez this seems like a big project...sigh. I gotta put a new front tire on fix this can chain/ tensioner issue and maybe get a new oil filter.. If anyone lives near Essex county NJ I would be willing to pay for an expert mechanic job starting at 100
Project Shop / Re: CB550 Cafe Interceptor - Gentleman's Roadster
« Last post by bwaller on Today at 11:26:34 AM »
It's a hot setup and you'll likely feel a difference.
Considering you are going bigger you may as well go faster and buy a new higher performance cam for $200. Use the best rocker arms you have or can find and don't worry about it. Do you plan on putting 50,000 miles on it!? Not likely.
Project Shop / Re: 1977 CB750 K7 Restore (w/ a few alterations)
« Last post by AintNoEasyWay on Today at 11:22:06 AM »
That sounds like a cool way to earn a bit of cash, does he have anything other than Hondas? (not that there's anything wrong with having just hondas) There were some interesting ideas tried out over the years. The valve testing is a good sign as well, see if you can borrow a spring compressor that will fit the 750, not all do. search the threads, can usually make a tool to make the ones that don't fit work, (a piece of pipe cut out a bit so you can reach in with a magnet or something to get the collets out) You can even use a G clamp with your new tool, if you have three or more hands and ninja fingers.
 I know you will anyway, but keep all the bits matched up to go back in the same places.
Then you can check the valve seating surfaces for width, I don't know exactly how wide, someone will, generally should all be very similar. There wil be the guide clearances as well, too small for me to measure, as long as the valves don't wobble too much, also in here somewhere will be a thread about just how much they should or shouldn't. It's not a very high mileage engine is it?  They usually last a long time, (unless you have an F3? I think, something about different angles or something)
Not sure what people use to dissolve the gasket material, but paint scrapers or razor blades are going to be handy, obviously no gouging. soaking the pistons is a good start, the back edge of hacksaw blades are handy, be careful not to enlarge the ring lands if you use a wire brush wheel to clean the tops. the square end of a broken ring will be perfect for cleaning the lands out.

I don't know how people survive in cold places, I've got the flanno and jeans on at anything under 25c (77f).

found this     http://forums.sohc4.net/index.php?topic=137876.msg1556659

Hey enwri, glad you're back around. Yes, the collector I've been working for has all types of vintage motorcycles, Matchless, BMW, Norton, Yamaha, a CB750, 550, & 350, an Ariel. He is mostly partial to British bikes.

I bought a spring compressor from Sears, but it's a total POS & I plan to return it this weekend. It is not a motorcycle specific spring compressor, but the design should permit it to work on both cars & bikes. Unfortunately it is very poorly made. I'll have to find another alternative. I may just take my cylinder head over to the machine shop as well. My worry is that they won't, like you say, keep everything in exact order & put it back in its proper place. I want to be absolutely I put everything back properly & don't create any undo wear on parts.

Thanks to Hondaman's manual, I have the proper specs for the valves, & really everything in the engine.
Project Shop / Re: 74 Honda CB750 project
« Last post by oasis on Today at 11:20:56 AM »
How many miles are on it ? Looks like it was taken care of well.

37000 miles, its in really nice over all shape, runs perfect, and starts better then my modern bikes.
Project Shop / Re: 74 Honda CB750 project
« Last post by oasis on Today at 11:18:26 AM »
Nice job polishing the side covers. 

Thanks man, thats why the whole restoration stated hahah :-)
SOHC/4 Bikes / Re: Need ideas on 78 750F
« Last post by Airborne 82nd on Today at 11:18:02 AM »

Check for leaks around your boots, mine where leaking pretty bad.

How would this effect compression with the rockers loose ?

Project Shop / Re: 74 Honda CB750 project
« Last post by oasis on Today at 11:17:12 AM »
That bike will make an outstanding restoration. Looking forward to this one.

Thanks! I can't wait till its done, I'm pretty excited about this one.
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