Author Topic: CB500 CB550 rear wheel bearing removal guide PICS  (Read 6314 times)

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CB500 CB550 rear wheel bearing removal guide PICS
« on: March 03, 2015, 02:21:13 pm »
I just removed the rear wheel bearings with help from a couple posts on here. I didn't see a good visual guide, so I thought I'd post some pics.

This is assuming you've already removed the bearing retainer. That's the hard part and not covered here.

We'll start by heating up the metal around the smaller (brake side) bearing. Put some PB blaster on it too.

We're going to pound out the smaller bearing from the opposite side. Flip the hub over and notice the inner ring on the inside of the larger bearing. This is the bearing spacer.

Use a 18mm socket and line it up with the inner ring (the spacer).

Now start hammering. You'll notice the inner spacer start moving inward and the small bearing popping out.

A few more hits and the small bearing will be out. The bearing, spacer, and the piece that fits inside the larger bearing look like this:

Now we can hammer on the larger bearing from the other side.

PB blast and heat the larger bearing and hammer it from the opposite side.

A few hits and it should be out.

Here it is all done.
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Re: CB500 CB550 rear wheel bearing removal guide PICS
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Thank you for this.