Author Topic: Molded ignition coil wire replacement guide  (Read 772 times)

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Molded ignition coil wire replacement guide
« on: September 11, 2018, 08:22:54 am »
Picked up a set of stock coils that tested well for $10. Wires were short and stiff so I replaced them and took some pictures along the way.

This dremel tool makes quick work of the job.

Shoot for removing about this much material from the longer side, the rear (deeper) portion you want to leave ~3/4" to avoid damaging where the whire attaches. Then snip the wire flush with the coil and use a pick or something to pry out the wire. After its out, strip the jacket off leaving the wire exposed, trim to ~1/2". 

"Tin" the old and new wire, autozone or advanced auto parts sells a 60%/40% (lead/tin) solder that works really well. Minimize the amount of time with heat on the old wire. Slip the new wire in (~1.5' section of 7mm copper core), I used aerosol silicone lube to make this easy. Heat solder to attach wires together. This picture also shows the shorter side exposed and jacket stripped, be extra careful not to go too far back on the shorter side with the dremel tool.

Both sides soldered in.

To seal I used permatex "the right stuff". Squirt it around, focussing on the exposed wire. Let it set up for 15 minutes or so till it is like a playdough then push it down with your finger to make sure it gets all the way under the wire to form a waterproof plug. Add more at this point if needed.

After the gasket material set up for a couple hours (probably wise to wait 24hr) I applied 2 part epoxy (I used gorilla glue clear epoxy - $5 at walmart). I didn't use anything to support the epoxy, such as tape, but that may be helpful to keep it from running down the side.
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