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Cross Border Pickup Service
« on: November 12, 2020, 07:11:42 pm »
I wanted to share this service that I've used over the years.  As you all know the shipping from the US can be extremely expensive.  This service provides you with a US address which you can use to have your packages shipped to.   The address is a facility that Cross Border Pickup owns.  They then pick up the packages for you and you can pick them up near Pearson airport (Dixie Rd. in Toronto) or have them shipped using Canada post to your home.  It's a good service and not that expensive.  Best of all you can order parts that for one reason or another aren't shipped to Canada.  You declare the value of the goods on the customs declare (all done online). 


From their website.


    Sign up to receive your own FREE U.S. address.
    Shop online at any U.S. retailer.
    Ship the package to your FREE U.S. address.
    You’ll be notified by email your package has arrived at our U.S. address. Once you approve we’ll ship it over.
    CrossBorder Pickups takes care of the painful paperwork and clears it with Customs.
    CrossBorder Pickups will front applicable duties and taxes on your behalf. Reimbursement will be added to your bill.
    Once the package arrives at one of the CrossBorder Pickups locations, you will receive an email notification for pick up.
    We can also deliver your package directly to you, across Canada.
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