Author Topic: A Compendium of HiPo information  (Read 9823 times)

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A Compendium of HiPo information
« on: March 12, 2010, 12:22:55 pm »
This sticky will be for links directly to threads or posts within this forum pertaining to specific HiPo modifications, and their various positive and detrimental effects.

Please PM me for links that you think should be added to each subject, and why you think they should be added. You can also PM me for ideas on additions to the subject list.

Suspension and Wheels

Tires (tyres)

Frame modifications
Turboguzzis Head to Frame modification

Headwork (Porting, valve work, etc.)
Turboguzzis 10 degree downdraft cb500

Pistons and Con Rods

Valve Train (cams, valves, cam sprockets, springs, retainers, etc.)


Transmission and clutch
Voxonda's Dry Clutch for the CB750
Bwallers 550 6 Speed Transmission
Kayaker43's close ratio Transmission for the 500/550


Body Work

davesprinkles cb400f CR Special carb thread

Electrical and Ignition


Lubrication Systems

HiPo Engine Build Threads
Turboguzzis 61rwhp 500 build and Dyno

350f/400f specific

500/550/650 specific
Paulages 718cc build

750 specific
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