Author Topic: New Addition of World Tour Gallery Just Announced 8/16/2011  (Read 2246 times)

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New Addition of World Tour Gallery Just Announced 8/16/2011
« on: August 16, 2011, 10:28:13 am »
Riders and Participants,

We now have our own spot on the site for you to upload your pictures of anything pertaining to Godzilla and the Relay Rally. This will allow us to have our own combined storage space for your pictures which will preseve them here. As many of you have seen, once a linked picture is deleted or a site is shut down then the picture is no longer available. Thanks to Glenn and Bob for this great idea! I can honestly say that you know as much as I do about how this operates so have at it. We can figure this out together. One point that I'd like to make pertains to the picture size. Glenn tells me that 2mb is available. While this is generally plenty and perhaps overkill for what we do here there will be a time relativley soon that Motorcycle Classics will do an actual print article about our Relay. I have been told that this will require high resolution pictures. I doubt a 2mb picture will do. My camera shoots 7mp and was told that would probably be good but it depends on the camera's processor and the final quality. When time comes for the article we will probably pick photos from what you have loaded here and may ask for a higher resolution picture from you at that time.

You can access the new Gallery space here:


Let's share our experiences about how we learn to use the gallery here. Ladies and Gentlemen, start your  downloading  ;D
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